Growing a team and culture to attract prospective employees

Recruit12 was formed over a decade ago, quickly evolving into one of the UK’s leading consultancies specialising in engineering & manufacturing, automotive, renewable & clean energy and construction.

The relationship with Jump and Talent Today started a decade ago when Matt Jones, Founder at Recruit12 received training as a recruiter through to senior manager by Paul Jacobs, Co-founder at Jump Advisory Group.

Paul was influential in my decision to purchase/become a business owner and has been ever present throughout mine and Recruit 12 journey.

The brief.

Once the decision was made to become a business owner, Matt didn’t hesitate to reengage Paul to support him in growing a team and a culture that was attractive to prospective employees.

The decision to continue to engage with Jump was inspired by Gary’s want to find a mentor who had been there and done it, but also had a hungry and modern way of thinking.


Some of the most effective and key strategies offered by Jump Advisory that had significant impact on business growth were the incorporation of video interviewing platforms during Covid, remodelling employee benefits in the aftermath of Covid and as recently as utilising AI in recruitment.

He built a trust element early on which kept me true to myself and the successes have been impressive with many successes along the way.

Gary started working with Paul at the end of his first year where he had just made a net profit, with the business turning over just shy of £500k.

Standout turning points.

When we asked Matt at Recruit12 if there were any stand out moments or experiences, here’s what he had to say:

Sometimes the more key moments are when things are not going well. An underperforming employee and how to turn individual performances have been very evident. As has continued support through Covid and using that time to adapt the business, which I feel Recruit 12 has done remarkably well, with the support of Paul at the forefront of that.

Value and impact.

On describing the value and impact of working in partnership with a Jump advisor here is what Matt had to say of his experience.

We are probably not where we plan to be from a growth perspective at this stage, although we are on track. Owning a company can be a lonely place and having Paul and Jump there to support and mentor through difficult times and in an ever changing market place has given me the confidence to continue with our ambition to scale up and I am certain it will be a further success story in the (not so distant) future.


Matt now describes his relationship with Paul as a true friend and someone that he looks up to.

Paul was instrumental in guiding and supporting Recruit 12 to winning the highly prestigious Recruiter Awards 2023 Best Engineering Recruitment Agency in the UK.


According to Matt at Recruit12, it is critical to have the right mentor and that has been Jump Advisory.

If you’re considering a mentor but are on the fence, discover more about how we can support you. Better yet, reach out to the Jump team today and let’s open a dialogue.

    by Holly Maguire, 8th February 2024

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