Developing a unique proposition in the market to scale

Example is a specialist recruitment agency for the digital marketing sector. With 20+ years in digital marketing, they’ve built on that knowledge to create an agency that specialises in marketers who drive pipeline & revenue.

The relationship with Gareth Cartmann, Founder at Example and Howard Greenwood, Co-Founder at Jump Advisory Group started 18 months a go.

I was on the REC course with Howard, and it was obvious from the start of the course that if I were to make anything of my new business, I’d need someone with Howard’s expertise.

The brief.

Having had business mentors previously, Gareth knew what he wanted. Having been through the REC course, mentioned above, it was clear that Howard could deliver the solid grounding in recruitment practices and regular advice on how to grow a recruitment business.


Howard at Jump advised on everything. From the fundamentals of setting up tech stack, proposition and processes to new business and negotiating fees.

I came into recruitment with little to no experience of recruitment – so it really was initially about the basis.

Value and impact.

When asked to summarise the value and impact or working with Howard at Jump, here is how Gareth described her experience.

I think any business owner – in any industry – needs to regularly talk to someone who has done this before, and who can keep them in line. You’re out there on your own sometimes, especially in recruitment, and you can spend a lot of your time going off on projects that may or may not work.

But, having someone who can effectively almost act as a NED and keep you in line, remind you where the value is and push you to achieve more – it’s a ridiculous thing not to have. You’ll get to growth far quicker if you’ve got someone who knows how to grow a business in your ear.

Gareth needed to grow an understanding of the industry from scratch while developing a unique proposition in the market, as well as a competitive offer, none of which would have been possible had he not had Howard’s advice.


The outcome, although a longer-term outcome is that Howard’s advice so far has largely helped the organisation bring down time-to-hire, improve candidate quality and grow to the level Example is at.


In Gareth’s opinion, having a mentor or trusted advisor is an ‘absolute no-brainer’.

As a founder, especially in a new industry, you’re starting at the bottom, and you need someone who’s already done what you’re aiming to do. I chat to Howard every month and come out of it feeling more positive and often more aligned with where I ought to be – as in, this is your monthly reminder to focus on x, y and z because x, y and z are what’s going to grow your business.

Even though Howard’s a Yorkshireman, he’s a great bloke.

If you’re considering a mentor but are on the fence, discover more about how we can support you. Better yet, reach out to the Jump team today and let’s open a dialogue.


    by Holly Maguire, 8th February 2024

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