Growing revenue and efficiency and creating a stronger market position

Good Recruitment is a high-performing search business focused on Digital Transformation, Technological Innovation and Business Change, specialising in hiring internationally across Payments, Insurance, Banking, Disruptive Tech, Commerce, and Utilities.

Good Recruitment’s relationship with Jump Advisory Group spans 2 years. Having previously worked with Dave Pye, Co-Founder at Jump previously in another business, Chris Hines, Director of Good Recruitment said that choosing Dave as an advisor was a natural decision.

His proven track record as a CEO made him the first choice.

The brief.

Chris knew that Dave’s guidance would bring a fresh perspective and would help to implement operational improvements.

Dave’s advice on strategic operational initiatives following our buyout acquisition was pivotal. He helped us solidify the business and set a strong foundation for growth.

Standout turning point.

There were specific moments during our engagement with Dave at Jump that served as turning points.

One standout instance was when he introduced a streamlined approach to our operations, significantly boosting our efficiency.

Value and impact.

When asked to summarise the value and impact or working with a mentor, here is how Chris described his experience.

Working with a mentor like Dave has been invaluable. His guidance has been instrumental in our growth and scaling efforts. To others considering this path, I’d say it’s a strategic move that can greatly accelerate your business’s progress.


The impact of Dave’s mentorship is evident in various aspects. There has been a notable growth in growth in revenue, improved operational efficiency, and a stronger market position.

Our relationship with Dave is one of trust and collaboration. His experience and advice have been indispensable to our business’s success.

On both a business and personal level, having Dave as a mentor has made a substantial difference. Professionally, our business has thrived. Personally, his mentorship has provided me with valuable insights and a stronger sense of direction.


In Chris Hines opinion having a mentor is crucial, especially SMEs and micro-companies.

Their guidance and expertise offer invaluable perspectives that can make a significant difference in navigating the challenges of managing a business.

If you’re considering a mentor but are on the fence, discover more about how we can support you. Better yet, reach out to the Jump team today and let’s open a dialogue.

    by Holly Maguire, 8th February 2024

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