Structuring operational efficiencies to achieve growth

Hyered’s purpose is to create a world of outstanding humans who shape the future of modern work. Their expertise extends across a diverse range of industries, supporting roles in finance, sales, HR, office support, marketing, technology and specialised hires.

The relationship with Jump and Hyered began early 2022 following a introduction with Jump Advisory Group Co-Founder, Howard Greenwood.

The brief.

In 2022, Catherine Wallis, MD at Hyered wanted to invest in a mentor that could help her make the decision between buying into my current recruitment agency or going it alone.

She required an expert that understood the recruitment landscape and could help me see the risks, challenges, advantages of taking my career to the next level.

Jump was a no brainer. I contacted Howard and his advice and mentorship was invaluable from day one.


Initially I needed sound advice on what to do with my career. Building on that established mentor/mentee trust relationship, they got to work delivering guidance to get Hyered moving in the right direction and to overcome the challenges, therefore providing clarity to make informed decisions.

After each meeting, Catherine would update her goals and execute the agreed plan. Checking in weekly on progress to stay on track, Howard also supports Catherine on what needs to be considered when managing the team.

When we first met, Howard was very honest and told me I can recruit but I need to learn to be a business owner. That still sticks with me today. Working with Howard has been crucial for me and Hyered this year and will be for years to come.

Standout turning points.

When we asked Catherine Wallis, MD at Hyered if there were any stand out moments or experiences, here’s what she had to say:

In our first meeting, it was great to know what I wasn’t doing (or wasn’t aware of) that a business owner should be. Having someone guide me on how I can improve, how I can be better, that is exactly what I needed.

The best bit about talking to Howard is his recruitment stories. Not sure if I have told him but a couple of his sales strategies, I have completely made my own and they work a treat.

Value and impact.

On describing the value and impact of working in partnership with a Jump advisor here is what Catherine had to say of her experience.

Howard has kept me accountable. Would I have put my feet up after billing well for the year… probably… but I have my 3 month, 12 month, 3 year plan in place and it keeps me in check.

My operational efficiency when we met was non-existent and I was embarrassed not to know the answers about my business that I should! Howard has been pivotal in helping me understand what is going on operationally and lifting the hood on Hyered. This has ranged from what is going in with the P&L, website, market presence, systems, growth plans and what we want the business to be.

Some of the key areas of focus where Jump has been instrumental in advising approach and execution are:

  • Building a hiring strategy
  • Retention strategy
  • Understanding my P&L
  • Implementing and improving systems
  • Website and marketing
  • 12 month / 2 year / 3 year business plans
  • Fee targets


Since working with Jump, Hyered is in a much better place operationally.

We still have a long way to go but from where we were 12 months ago it is unrecognisable.

From a business perspective, Hyered now has a 3 year strategy in place and has implemented countless improvements. From a personal perspective Catherine says that it has taken the pressure off that moment when you go “what the hell am I going to do now?!”

Howard is my calm in the middle of a recruitment storm. I completely trust his guidance. His support has been everything and I am more than grateful to have the opportunity to work with him.

Owning a start-up recruitment business is terrifying, but having Howard as my secret weapon.


According to Catherine at Hyered, if you’re considering a mentor, her advice is simply – Get one!

If anyone is in the same boat as me and doesn’t have a Howard, get one. Howard has been crucial to my personal development and most importantly the development of Hyered. Having someone who can understand my business and the recruitment industry has been essential. There are plenty of career coaches out there but having one that “gets” recruitment is a game changer.

The best thing about Howard is he understands what it is like to be in the recruitment trenches and provides sound advice. And then when that storm is over, we jump back into what needs to be done to achieve X in 6/12/24 months.

If you’re considering a mentor but are on the fence, discover more about how we can support you. Better yet, reach out to the Jump team today and let’s open a dialogue.

    by Holly Maguire, 8th February 2024

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