Just Jump.

If the questions keeping you up at night relate to what’s next in a post-Covid world, differentiating your business from competitors, maximising value for a future exit, reducing key client dependency, forecasting growth or expansion into new territories, just Jump.

Our services are customisable to suit your needs and can be delivered collectively or individually, because we know that each business is different.

Don’t leap, jump.


Agility is a prerequisite in today’s changing landscape. Our advisory services equip businesses to make rapid decisions to succeed and scale in a continually evolving environment.

Engaging Jump starts with building relationships that last well past outcomes, to make it easy for you to share your ambitions, so that we can deliver tailored solutions to plan for and overcome your future and current challenges.

We deliver a full range of advisory services focused on leadership, strategy, and people for businesses to successfully navigate opportunities, risks, and challenges to accelerate performance and scale at speed. Together.

Services extend to:

  • NED / Chair
  • C-suite mentoring & coaching
Business strategy
  • Strategic audit
  • Competitive positioning
  • Scale up frameworks
  • Customer journey
  • Exit strategy
  • Succession planning
  • Employee satisfaction

Leadership & development.

Take care of your people to take care of the future of your business.

Shaping the future of modern recruitment business takes more than one person. While leaders share common challenges, there are aspects of leadership unique to levels and responsibility.

That’s why we put the emphasis on both leadership development – collective business leadership – and leader development – for the individual. The results are elevating leaders to shape the future of their business and advancing future leaders to continue your path to change.

Engaging Jump starts with an initial consultation to assess the executive leadership of your business and increase our understanding of your needs, to create bespoke programs for leaders and emerging leaders to grow and sustain your business.

Our personal approach starts with discussing and navigate complex business challenges that leaders face and improve team cohesion to identify and achieve a shared vision.

We do this through individual coaching, executive team coaching, mentoring and management training, to build the executive team that goes beyond achieving business ambition.


Are you drowning under the pace of change?

Marketing is complex and transforming rapidly.  Striking the right balance between quick wins and long-term results is pivotal. Jump delivers C-suite marketing, aligned to your business strategy that adds value.

Regardless of your size or ambitions, Jump will work with you to incorporate marketing strategies to bolster your growth and reduce wasted effort. We start with your people because improved retention means increased success.

If you’re scratching your head about how to make your brand standout, improve customer experience, increase customer acquisition or maximise digital channels to complement your business success and give you the competitive edge, engage with Jump.

Business Growth Consulting.

It’s never been more important to have a clearly defined sales strategy that defends and grows your existing clients’ market share and converts new prospects. Using consultative techniques, we can help you establish trusted advisor level relationships with your clients and create the ‘need’ without directly ‘selling’. Clients don’t always have more money to spend but they are usually open to innovation, best practice and future-proofing their business.

How do you stand out in a crowded market and what tailored solutions can you offer your clients that add value before your competitors do?

Regardless of company size, at Jump, we will work with you to build a plan for each of your existing and prospective clients from protecting your market share and building out new recruitment solutions to providing advisory services to solve challenges that cause your client sleepless nights.


  • Building trusted relationships
  • Thought leadership
  • Value add recruitment solutions
  • Bids – reviewing and writing
  • Case studies
  • Account management
  • Account planning

MSP (Contingent labour)

  • Building bespoke solutions for your clients
  • Contingent labour audits
  • IR35
  • Statement of Works (SoW)
  • Benchmark your MSP service’

RPO (Permanent labour)

  • Building bespoke solutions for your clients
  • Campaigns
  • Talent reports
  • Benchmark your RPO service
  • Abby Gelder

    My dream is to leave a bag of crisps unattended around a certain Mr Sharpe without them getting crushed... No, but seriously, any of your clients are lucky to work with someone as positive, inspiring and motivating as you.

    - Abby Gelder

  • Richard Deas

    Fantastic organisation and business offering. We work with Howard Greenwood who is an oracle of knowledge on all things recruitment and business. He also used to be quite good at chasing eggs apparently too, but I only have his word for that!

    - Richard Deas

  • Gareth Jones

    Paul Sharpe has been a great help and we look forward to working with him on future projects and the weekly lockdown webinars have offered some great topics. Give Dave a call even if 1% of you thinks you could benefit from having someone in your corner! (unless you work in Technical Engineering Recruitment - if you do bugger off he is ours!) :-)

    - Gareth Jones

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