Webinar Series: Talent Attraction: You are talented recruiters, but can you recruit talent?

Weekly the Jump helps recruitment business owners meet the challenges of the recruitment market head-on.

Join us every Wednesday at 11.00 am.

In this series of webinars, the team will be covering the following:

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Wed 6th March > Does your business attract clients? No, really, think, does your business attract clients?

• Is your outbound client attraction broken?
• Does your inbound attraction work?
• Is your new business acquisition lazy and inconsistent?

Wed 13th March > Simon Bloch of JMW will outline the change to Recruitment Law, specifically the change on holiday pay.

Wed 20th March > Sourcing new clients and finding the manager’s names without all the clandestine secret services stuff.

• You are connected on LinkedIn but don’t have the client’s contact details!
• Searching for buying clients, does your search have the capability to increase your target audience?
• Finding target companies is a doddle; finding the decision-makers is not easy. Have you got the skills to find them?

Wed 28th March > Candidates the chain reactions to turn potential into revenue. Have you got the formula?

• How much money do you lose when sourcing candidates? What are acquisition costs?
• Are you looking for candidates in the right place?
• Are you engaging with your candidates early enough to make a difference?

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