Are You Taking Advantage of the New Market?

Weekly the Jump team will be joined by industry experts to help recruitment business owners utilise consultant business reviews and data to increase their turnover and return on investment.

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19th May – Financing and using umbrella services to support contingent 

Running Temps and Contractors is never easy, what with IR35, AWR and compliance becoming real challenges, creating real headaches.

This week we will be looking at how to Finance your Temp and Contract workers. How umbrella companies are evolving following the changes in the IR35 law. Should you run your own PAYE temps and contractors, and what are the pros and cons? Are umbrella companies truly compliant with the HMRC PAYE laws, and do you know what to look for?

Weekly we get involved in these types of discussions with agency owners; it has all got very confusing, so join us as we try to demystify this topic for you.

26th May – Outsourcing, automation and increasing the profitability of your business 

The world was once a very big place, now you can fit most of it into your mobile phone! Well almost!

Automation and Outsourcing have become a huge topic.  Are there parts of the recruitment process you can automate, and can you outsource parts of the process at a cheaper cost?  What about quality? The list could go on.

As the industry becomes ever more global, does it matter where our talent resides?  If not all of our people will be in our offices, can we consider delivering our service with a more global outreach?  Does this approach work?  Is it morally right?  Will it increase given the pandemic and the changes in the workforce?

In this candidate shy market, where everyone is competing for talent, if you can source and nurture talent quicker, you will be able to create desire and meet and exceed your clients’ demands? This leads to the question. Will automation and outsourcing increase your ability to fill more requirements, by creating more time to develop your client and candidate pools, while others continue with the old and tested methods.

Is this the tortoise and hare scenario where automation and outsourcing is the proverbial tortoise slowly getting better and better, whilst the hare is the traditional recruitment model actually becoming slower and lazier?

People used to think the world was flat, then it was huge, and now it can fit into your pocket, but are you maximising your new reach? This week we will be venturing into this world to see if you truly can gain a competitive edge with outsourcing and automation.

2nd June – How important are the dynamics of your team?

One of the most important aspects of team dynamics is human behaviour, which as we all know is largely unpredictable and uncontrollable. As an effective leader you have the ability to influence behaviour and get the most from your team as well as the individual that make your team. The best teams collaborate to achieve goals and overcome challenges, but what’s the secret recipe? And exactly what are team dynamics?

With most high performing teams now investing time and effort to understanding team dynamics, we will explore strategies and solutions that will help you understand ‘how’ your team can achieve better outcomes.

On the 2nd June we will unpick this subject and debate some of the best ways to realise the full potential of your team and some of the tools available to help.


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