Jump’s Webinar Series – Increasing Fees

Weekly the Jump team help recruitment business owners meet the challenges of the recruitment market head-on. In this series of webinars the team will be covering the following:

With all this technology at our beck and call, how should we approach clients? WEDNESDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER AT 11.00 AM

As the swan majestically glides across the lake, no one sees their feet going ten to the dozen.  It looks so easy, so effortless. Good recruitment looks like this, however, clients are blinded by our processes and therefore do not see the value of our hidden efforts recruitment puts on under the surface.

With so much new technology available, recruitment is looking easier and easier, when in reality it is just as hard, if not harder than it ever was. In this webinar, we will be discussing how to weave the advancements of technology into your recruitment process, and how we should then sell that to the client, so they see the value in the features, advantages and benefits or engaging with a modern recruiter.

Join the jump team as we help the recruitment market answer the questions of today, now.

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