Webinar Series: Building a rookie production line. Should you put up your fees? Could your process be losing you money? Are you retaining the right employees?

Weekly the Jump help recruitment business owners meet the challenges of the recruitment market head-on.

Join us every Wednesday at 11.00 am.

In this series of webinars, the team will be covering the following:

Webinar Series:

Marketing is it working; Old and new school recruitment, which is best; Can you recruit talent: Neil Carberry, Managers.


The order may change subject to the availability of speakers.

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Webinar Series:

8th February – Marketing outbound and inbound: Is marketing more than clicks and likes?

  • Is your marketing bringing new clients on?
  • Should you be marketing to your existing client base?
  • How important are your candidates in your marketing strategy?

15th February – New school v new techniques: Selling recruitment solutions that clients want to buy?

  • Do your recruitment services create loyalty within your client base?
  • Reactive v Proactive recruitment, which are you?
  • Do you work for free still?
  • Why would a client pay you upfront?

22nd February – You are talented recruiters, but can you recruit talent?

  • How do you attract and retain the best talent?
  • Are you still blaming the people, “we recruited a wrong’un”, does this need to change?
  • Is your recruitment process fit for purpose?

1st March – Neil Carberry’s State of the Recruitment Nation

8th March – Managers the most influential people in your business: The blueprint for growth? 

  • Do your managers lead or dictate?
  • Are you developing an at-desk training culture?
  • What can your managers truly affect?

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