Webinar Registration – How to Motivate and Use Data to Drive Your Business Forward

Weekly the Jump team will be joined by industry experts to help recruitment business owners utilise consultant business reviews and data to increase their turnover and return on investment.

10/02 – ‘How to Endure the COVID-Marathon and find Motivation.’

Rebalancing and recharging business leaders and helping them to understand how to motivate both themselves and their employees whilst working remotely.

17/02 – ‘How feedback drives performance’

Setting goals isn’t always enough. Are you asking the right questions when reviewing your staff to release their potential? It’s the questions you ask that will ignite your employee passion for succeeding.

24/02 – ‘Using Data and Technology to improve Consultants Performance’

Do you have hidden data that could be used to improve consultants performance? Are you optimising your technology to streamline your processes to give your consultants more client facing time?

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03/03 – Sales pitches really sing the high notes, when tuned into pulsing data

Why data is the new currency when procuring new clients and maintaining and developing existing ones.  How to create compelling reasons for a client to engage by adding quantifiable evidence of your capabilities, reducing the overall cost of recruitment, while maintaining or increasing your fees and margins.

10/03 – Wisdom begins with wonder. How to influence your market by communicating valuable Data and Insights.

Influencing your market has never been as important as it is today, data is the new currency, do you know how to trade in this new currency?

This is a JUMP Advisory Group webinar not to be missed!


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