Jump Start your 2021 Business Development Strategy

Jump Start your 2021 Business Development Strategy.

by Howard Greenwood, 15th November 2020

Prepare to Jump Start your 2021 Business Development Strategy

A Four-Part Free Webinar Series November/December 


We asked you to tell us what you consider to be the most urgent and concerning issue you face as we begin the countdown to 2021, and you overwhelmingly asked us to focus upon Business Development for our final free webinar series of the year.

Rebuilding and developing your client base in the winter as we start to emerge from the Pandemic in the spring.

We are closer to the end of the crisis than the beginning, so let’s get ready to trade out of the recession and get well ahead of our competition.

We have got this!

Devising a Dynamic and Effective Business Development Strategy 

How to plan and compile a Business Development Strategy that will “disrupt” your market and inspire and enthuse your colleagues to take control of the destiny of your business and of their own earnings potential.

Time to rally your people and re-engineer your strike-force tactics.


Do you know what employers will want to buy? Are you gearing up to deliver support and services that meet and exceed their desires?

 Be honest. Do you really understand what your clients will want from you in the new world of work?

What will clients be seeking from recruitment businesses in 2021 and beyond?

Just “bums on seats”and CV’s? We very much doubt it.

Let’s take a deep look at the mind-set of employers and their psyche and anticipate their views and needs.

For sure, it will not be the same as  pre-Covid.

Take on the ‘Big Boys” at their own game – and beat them! 

We will provide you with a range of innovative techniques and strategies that will enable you to go “toe to toe” with the large players in the recruitment market and beat them at their own game!

Through the expansion and development of your products, pricing models and support services, you can win recurring business and revenues that will increase your turnover and profits and generate an increase in the value of your business.

People Buy People! 

Passion sells.

As we know, people do not buy what you do, they buy

why you do it.

When you analyse your approach to selling, is it filled with excitement, fervour, drive, vitality and enthusiasm?

Think about it.

People buy people, and the most potent weapon you have at your disposal is the energy and desire of your people.

If they do not believe in your products, how can you expect anybody else to?

Time to up our game and increase the spirits, determination and passion of you and your colleagues.

Let’s get ready to proselytise!


Thank you for joining our co-founders and directors, the ever-entertaining and experts, Howard Greenwood, Paul Jacobs, Dave Pye and Paul Sharpe of Jump Advisory Group.


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