Jump Advisory formed in lockdown

Jump Advisory formed in lockdown.

by Howard Greenwood, 7th September 2020

Despite the founders never meeting.

In an interesting story about four intrepid business leaders with a united vision to create a world of outstanding recruitment leaders who shape the future of modern recruitment, Jump’s four founders speak animatedly about what brought them together, their purpose and why Jump – why now?

“We hadn’t physically met before (unless you count Zoom), said Paul Jacobs. “It might seem crazy to form a company during lockdown, but we knew straight away that together, we could support businesses accelerate growth and help an industry we love get back on their feet”, beings Paul.

“Our four founders were brought together during a challenging time, where we collaboratively offered strategic advice to recruitment leaders and owners, during weekly REC webinars”. states Howard Greenwood. “We quickly realised that we shared a purpose to empower the world’s recruitment leaders succeed beyond their ambition and reflect the best of an industry that changes lives, and the rest, as they say, is history,” continued Howard.

“Recognising the pace of transformation in the recruitment sector and the support that many business owners need to survive, adapt and scale over the coming months, together we created a unique offering to support recruitment businesses scale at speed, sustainably”, says Paul Sharpe.

“The result is the creation of Jump Advisory Group, comprising the four of us: Howard Greenwood, Paul Jacobs, Dave Pye and Paul Sharpe”, continued Paul.

“During lock down, what was evident was that a lot of recruitment businesses needed personal advice to maintain and support growth. We collaborated regularly, on weekly webinars, offering advice to business owners and leaders during this tough time. It was clear that together, we can help recruitment companies grow and scale,” said Dave Pye.

“How we do this is by delivering authentic, lasting value to recruitment leaders to accelerate and sustain growth to create a world of outstanding leaders who shape the future of modern recruitment”, continued Dave, passionately.

Howard jumped in to state: “Through our four services: Advisory, Leadership & Development, Marketing & Business Growth Consulting coupled with our collective industry success, we work in partnership with leaders and owners of SME’s to turn disruption into opportunity and inspire sustainable and inclusive growth for the recruitment industry”.

“We’ve all been in in recruitment leaders’ shoes, having led large multi-national, niche, and private firms across multiple sectors. What is consistent is the success we’ve experienced to achieve high growth and we want to share that with business owners to bridge the gap between ambition and success in the competitive environment of modern recruitment”, elaborated Dave.

“In short, we’re are an advisory business, where our clients can be assured of confidential transformation through renewed purpose, consistently,” said Paul Sharpe. “We’re offering a no-obligation 1-hour consultation with one of our four trusted advisors to see how we can support you scale your business at speed, sustainably – so get in touch to secure your place today”, continued Paul.

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