Scaling turnover by 460%

Medical Resource Partners (MRP) is fast becoming the agency of choice for many employers, clinicians, and care professionals. With a growing team and database of candidates, our goal is to become the UK’s leading medical recruitment agency.

Andy Boyd – Co-Founder and MD has been working with Jump Advisory Group since April 2021, following winning a competition organised in conjunction with the REC.

Initially, MRP engaged Jump in a 12-month mentoring programme, but given the substantial benefits and quality of advice, they decided to continue the relationship as paying clients.

The brief.

As newcomers to the recruitment business sector, MRP were in search of practical guidance from seasoned professionals.

MRP was drawn to Jump due to their specialisation in assisting recruitment business owners and their reputable association with the REC.

The competition provided a great platform to initiate this invaluable relationship. Our initial expectations were to receive practical, actionable advice and mentorship that would help us navigate the recruitment industry and scale our business. We were looking forward to leveraging the wisdom and experience of industry veterans through Jump.

Key strategies.

Pivotal strategies included refining the business model to better align with industry standards and implementing robust hiring criteria, marketing initiatives and driving operational efficiencies.

These strategies were instrumental in driving our revenue growth.

Standout turning point.

A remarkable turning point was when the advice and support from Dave Pye, Co-Founder of Jump Advisory group enabled MRP to secure a major client contract, following the strategic advice and negotiation tactics shared by our mentor to push for exclusivity.

This not only boosted our revenue but also elevated our market position.

Value and impact.

The mentorship with Dave at Jump has been invaluable in propelling MPR’s business growth.

The practical advice, industry insights, and continuous support have significantly boosted our confidence and decision-making skills, which is critical in the competitive recruitment landscape.

When asked about the relationship with Jump, Dave at MRP said:

Our relationship with our mentor is highly professional yet also fun and friendly. The energetic and enthusiastic approach of Dave Pye, coupled with his profound industry knowledge, makes the engagement highly rewarding and enjoyable.


As a result of the mentorship, MRP most notable success was when turnover soared from £1 million in FY2021 to £5.6 million in FY2023

We expect to far exceed this in the next financial year. This significant revenue growth is a testament to the effective mentorship and the actionable strategies provided by Dave at Jump.


In Dave Boyd’s opinion having a mentor is crucial, especially in managing an SME.

The insightful guidance, backed by years of industry experience, provides a solid foundation for making informed decisions and navigating business challenges.

If you’re considering a mentor but are on the fence, discover more about how we can support you. Better yet, reach out to the Jump team today and let’s open a dialogue.

    by Holly Maguire, 8th February 2024

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