Delivering value to triple profits in 2 years

Talent Today is a specialist video recruitment agency based in the West Midlands with over 20 years’ experience. Their customer service promise is simple – treat our clients with the respect and empathy we know that they deserve.

The relationship with Jump and Talent Today started over 2 years ago when Gary Wills, Talent Today founder won a 12-month free coaching/mentoring programme through a Jump Advisory Competition.

I built such a strong rapport with Paul, I decided to continue as I found his experience vital to my business.

The brief.

The decision to continue to engage with Jump was inspired by Gary’s want to find a mentor who had been there and done it, but also had a hungry and modern way of thinking.

Someone who could drive me on but at the same time understand where risks were coming to the business.


Of the relationship with Paul, Co-founder of Jump Advisory, Gary said:

Paul immediately got me back to basics, kept it simple and made me feel accountable to him.

He built a trust element early on which kept me true to myself and the successes have been impressive with many successes along the way.

Gary started working with Paul at the end of his first year where he had just made a net profit, with the business turning over just shy of £500k.

Standout turning points.

When we asked Gary at Talent Today if there were any stand out moments or experiences, here’s what he had to say:

On a personal level Paul understood me. I was going through a divorce and life/work was tough. Paul went above and beyond to support me through those moments which in turn helped me to purely focus on one key thing at a time, but to execute them excellently.

Value and impact.

On describing the value and impact of working in partnership with a Jump advisor here is what Gary had to say of his experience.

A decent Mentor/Coach is worth their weight in gold. They are so valuable to your business helping to guide you through the tough times but trying to push you even harder through the good times. Paul has a knack of understanding when to turn the dial up and down and very quickly understood me. His emotional intelligence, drive and will for me to succeed is abundant to see.


As a result of Jump’s collaboration with Gary, Talent Today, two years on the business, is turning over £1.5m with a NP of 11.5%.

Whilst these figures speak for themselves, Gary reinforced that having someone to speak to regularly, who understands the recruitment sector inside out, providing insights as well as constant encouragement, has been key to Talent Today’s successes.

Some of these successes include Gary Wills being appointed West Midlands Business Person of the year and Runner up in Recruitment Entrepreneur of the Year and tripling profits within 2 years of working with Jump Advisory.


Talent Today’s relationship with Jump has grown from strength to strength.

Paul is now a friend and not just my business coach/ mentor. I am very lucky to have met Paul Jacobs. I can’t thank him enough to be perfectly honest.

For any Recruitment Owners/ Startup Founders, I can highly recommend Paul and Jump Advisory. Their values to how they do their business matches mine closely and it actually feels like they’re a part of the Talent Today Team. Thanks for all your ongoing support

If you’re considering a mentor but are on the fence, discover more about how we can support you. Better yet, reach out to the Jump team today and let’s open a dialogue.


    by Holly Maguire, 8th February 2024

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