Building client relationships and financial growth

Superyacht Crew UK is a global specialised super yacht consultants within the ultra-high net worth sector.

Summer King’s, Director at Superyacht Crew UK, relationship with Jump Advisory began 2 years ago. As an REC member, Summer was advised to connect with Jump due to their excellent support for both new and established businesses.

The brief.

Upon reaching out to Jump, Summer conveyed her aspirations for Superyacht Crew UK, which encompassed

  • building enduring client relationships
  • assembling the best crew on the database
  • maintaining steady billings
  • being responsible for KPIs

In my discussions with Jump, I discovered that they offer a diverse range of coaches tailored to specific needs. For my requirements, I was paired with Howard Greenwood, Co-Founder at Jump Advisory Group, and I couldn’t have asked for a more suitable mentor to guide me on my entrepreneurial journey. His guidance has been invaluable in shaping my path forward.

The relationship.

The relationship you develop with your mentor is a key in achieving your goals. And Summer and Howard now share a great connection.

I am confident that Howard comprehends my needs and personality. Our relationship is built on a foundation of openness and honesty, a crucial element that has significantly contributed to the success of my business. I firmly believe that establishing such a genuine connection is indispensable when collaborating closely with a mentor. Most importantly, this sense of comfort and understanding allows me to engage in the mentoring process fully, having an environment where I can confidently learn and grow.

Having accumulated more than a decade of sales expertise, I was accustomed to reporting to others in my professional journey. However, Howard played a pivotal role in reshaping my perspective. His guidance not only instilled a sense of accountability within me but also left a lasting impact on both my personal growth and the development of my business. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a mentor to anyone seeking guidance. I can’t emphasise enough how much he has contributed; his insights have been invaluable and have enriched my business endeavours in ways I couldn’t have imagined. My gratitude for his assistance knows no bounds.

Value and impact.

On describing the value and impact of working in partnership with a Jump advisor here is what Jilly had to say of her experience.

From our initial conversation, Howard provided me with unwavering support, encouragement, and inspiration. His profound knowledge and sensible approach resonated with me deeply, making it easy for me to relate to his guidance.

Throughout this journey, I firmly believe that the ongoing support from Howard has been a consistent and invaluable presence by my side. His unwavering assistance has provided me with the stability and guidance I needed in navigating the complexities of recruitment, reinforcing my confidence and expertise in this area. Howard’s continuous support has been a cornerstone of my progress, shaping my approach and bolstering my capabilities as I navigate building the business.


Since working with Jump, Superyacht Crew UK has grown from strength to strength.

  • Some of the outcomes (so far) from this relationship are:
    A positive shift in my Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), particularly over the past 8 months.
  • Implementation of targeted email campaigns, a strategy suggested by Jump Advisory, which has significantly expanded Superyacht Crew UK’s client base.
  • Established a well-structured daily routine, ensuring allocated time to various tasks each day, a practice that Howard encouraged.

This balanced approach has enabled Summer to manage diverse aspects of her business efficiently, leading to noticeable positive outcomes. Howard’s guidance enabled Summer to navigate challenges, identify opportunities, and develop effective strategies, giving Superyacht Crew UK a competitive edge.

Howard’s insights have not only enhanced my business but also empowered me to achieve a more balanced and productive professional life. I firmly attribute this improvement to the unwavering support and expertise of Howard. Personally, I am eager to grow and develop, so I attentively heeded his advice, and it has proven to be invaluable.


In Summer’s opinion (her words) having a mentor makes an immense difference in both business and personal life. Having someone with experience and wisdom to guide you has significantly improved my decision making process.

According to Summer at Superyacht Crew, if you’re considering a mentor, her advice is simply – Absolutely do it.

Having a mentor, especially when managing a small business, is critical. The insights, guidance, and wisdom Howard has provided are invaluable. In complex entrepreneurship, having someone with experience to offer advice, share lessons learned, and provide a fresh perspective is indispensable. A mentor can help navigate challenges, avoid pitfalls, and identify growth opportunities. Howard’s mentorship not only accelerates business growth but also helped with personal development, making managing a small business less daunting and considerably more rewarding.

On a personal basis, having a mentor has boosted my confidence and motivation. It’s reassuring to know that there’s someone I can turn to for advice and support. Howard’s encouragement and positive influence has motivated me to set higher goals and work diligently towards achieving them. Overall, having a mentor has been a transformative experience, shaping both my business acumen and personal development in incredibly positive ways.

If you’re considering a mentor but are on the fence, discover more about how we can support you. Better yet, reach out to the Jump team today and let’s open a dialogue.

    by Holly Maguire, 8th February 2024

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